The Pickton brothers began to neglect the site’s farming

STOP participants must also possess strong communications skills, work ethic and organization, in addition to patience, flexibility and resilience.Training and OrientationPrior to deployment to the field, STOP participants receive 2 3 weeks of training conducted by CDC, in conjunction with WHO and UNICEF staff. The purpose of this training is to provide participants with an overview of their assignment and their roles and responsibilities in the field. Topics covered include polio endgame strategies, best practices for routine immunization and disease surveillance activities, as well as specific measles, communications, data management and program administration information.Training for STOP 50 will be in Kampala, Uganda.In addition, upon arrival in country, STOP participants will receive an in country orientation from the WHO and/or UNICEF Country Office to orient them on the administrative and security procedures in their country of assignment.Living and Working ConditionsSTOP assignments are intended for public health professions with extensive experience working at the district and regional levels of the health system and who are able to work with very little support and supervision.STOP participants are deployed to countries most in need of assistance with immunization and surveillance programs, which can include countries with poor infrastructure, difficult living conditions and sometimes sensitive political and cultural situations.

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